Tree stump grinding and removal

Steel and Maw offer tree stump grinding services in the York area for old tree stumps that need to be removed, or as part of full tree removal operations where the stump needs to be ground out.

grinding out a stump using a chainsaw

Tree stump removal and aftercare

After grinding out the tree stump, we will shape the ground appropriately. This means leaving it slightly raised and concave, so that when the soil naturally settles down into the area displaced by the roots, it will return to ground level rather than sinking into a hollow.

In some cases, lateral roots may grow out and upwards to become exposed above the lawn or ground level. As part of our stump grinding services we can eradicate these lateral roots and dress the area with grass seed, if required.

Garden clearances

Tree stump grinding can be very useful in garden clearances. We offer full garden clearance services, where all small and large stumps are completely ground out, and the resulting area levelled and dressed ready for re-planting.