Arboricultural surveys and tree management services

The effective care of urban trees and woodlands is one of the core services provided by Steel and Maw. Where tree work, planting or tree retention is proposed in conjunction with nearby buildings or developments, Steel and Maw offer a comprehensive service including surveys, reports, tree management strategies and tree planting schemes across Yorkshire.

Surveying some large trees on the edge of a building site

Arboricultural consultancy for new developments

As well as providing excellent standards of tree care, our team can provide arboricultural surveys and offer expert advice on tree management in relation to building works or new developments in Yorkshire. Our knowledgeable team can ensure you manage complex issues, such as adhering to recommendations laid out by British Standard 5837 guidelines where urban trees are involved.

Long-term tree management strategies

Steel and Maw believe that applied arboricultural knowledge is essential when considering the long-term wellbeing of trees and woodlands in urban environments. As well as providing this expertise, we can manage the continued wellbeing of trees by providing aftercare services and ongoing advice.